7/21/14 WOD


Congratulations to the winners of the CFTC games.  The final standings will be posted to our facebook page today.  Thanks to everyone that came out and gave it their all!

This week our athletes leave for the CF Games as well as a lot of the coaches.  Please be patient with the coaches this week, we will be short handed.  The schedule will remain the same as much as possible except for Thursday (gym will be closed Pioneer day) and Friday 5am class.


A.  Back Squat- 3,2,1,3,2,1- rest as needed.

-second 3,2,1 more then first.

B.  BB on Back Reverse Lunge- 3×5 (each leg)- heaviest possible; rest 90 sec.

C.  4 Rounds for times of:

Row 500m

12 Pull-ups

10 Push Press- 135/85

Run 155m

-rest 1 min b/t rounds.



A.  Clean and Jerk @ 80% of 2RM- rest 60 sec.

B.  Split Jerk from rack- 3 x 1@ 100% of part A.

C.  5 Rounds for time of:

7 Hang Squat Cleans- LI-135/85, LII-155/105


155m Run ( 1 lap)


A.  1 set Max effort L-sit

B.  1 set Max effort Weighted Plank- 90/45


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