7/2/13 WOD

Winners of Best Before and After photos from the challenge!

Sue before

Sue Before Challenge


Sue after Challenge

scott before

Scott Before Challenge!

scott after

Scott After Challenge!

You can’t expect huge changes in just 40 days but it’s a start to a healthier leaner you!  Great job Sue and Scott!


A.  5 x 3 Power Clean- build heaviest possible; rest as needed.

B.  1 x 5 Deadlift- heavy as possible.

* Add 5 lbs from last week.  If you miss or can’t add 5lbs reset.  Take 90% of current 5RM and work back up from that point.




Thrusters- 95/65









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  1. Anyone that ordered a shirt or Progenex they are all in! Anyone that wanted one that did not order we have extra!

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