7/29/14 WOD


A big thanks to all those that cheered the team on over the past week.  The support from the CFTC community and family members as been awesome.  Thank you to those that donated to make this trip possible and those that showed their support through social media.  We have an awesome community, THANK YOU!


A.  10 min AMRAP of:

Run 155m

8 Box Jumps-24/20

5 Power Snatch- 95/65

-rest 5 min

B.  10 min AMRAP of:

5 Clean & Jerk=95/65

8 Deadlift-95/65

10 Walking Lunges

25 Double Unders



A1.  4 x ME Strict HSPU- rest 90 sec.

A2.  4 x ME Pause Front Squats (strict 3 sec pause in bottom at absolute bottom depth)- work up to a max triple for the day; rest 90 sec.

B.  5 Rounds of:

Row 500m

15 6″ Target Burpees

-rest 1:1


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