7/3/14 WOD

cftc games 2014

More details of the CFTC games, this competition is for everyone.  You don’t need to be an elite crossfitter to do this comp.  All the money raised will go toward helping our games athletes in California.


A. With a partner or by yourself (rest 1:1 if doing alone)



-Partner A does 50 cals, Partner B does 50 cals.  Continue all the way down to 10 and 10.  If doing alone rest 1:1 after each interval.

B.  In 10 minutes, perform:

2000m Row

-in time remaining Max Rep GHD Sit-ups

C.  10 min Foam roll session or Flexibility Program

Yoga- 6am and 6:15pm.  We will now hold an evening Yoga session!

Gymnastics- 10am and 5:15pm

Olympic Lifting– will be cancelled



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