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Here it is, the CFTC Games going on it’s 5th year, mark your calendars or hurry and make some excuse why you can’t do it. Lot’s of fun!

We would like to invite everyone to join us for our 2013 CrossFit The Club Games! This event has become a tradition here since we began in 2009. With the NEW expansion of our facility, we are extremely excited to unveil the completed project for our games. We now have more space and equipment, and the CFTC Games is the perfect opportunity to break it all in.

The Format will be as follows:

When:  Saturday, August 24th. Checkin between 7:00am and 7:45am. Event begins at 8:00am SHARP!
2 Person Teams, consisting of 1 Man & 1 Woman. You can partner with anyone just as long as it follows these guidelines. IF you are unable to find a partner, don’t worry. Sign up anyways and we will pair you with someone.
Entry is $20 per team, payable on the day of the event upon checkin
3 total WODs. Two divisions consisting of Rx and Scaled. It’s up to you!
Most importantly, it is ALL FOR FUN!!!

To register:

There will be a sign up sheet at CrossFit The Club. There will be a cap on the number of entries for this event so Sign Up Soon!!!
You can email us your information (athlete names, team name) at info@crossfittheclub.com
Message us on our Facebook Fan Page at facebook.com/CrossfitTheClub

Download PDF of this information


A. 3 x 5 Back Squat- build to heaviest possible, rest as needed.

B. 3 x 5 Bench Press- build to heaviest possible, rest as needed.

* Move up 5lbs from last week, we are now in our 4th week of moving up 5lbs each week. If you miss and can not complete 5lbs more, take 90% of missed weight and work back up from that point next time.


On a 3 minute clock complete..

500 m Row

Max Reps Ground to Overhead- 135/95

*Rest 3 min

– Continue with format until you have reached 30 reps Ground to Overhead.


A. Tabata Sit-ups (hands on head)- 20 sec on/ 10 sec off for 5 minutes (10 sets)

Gymnastics- will be cancelled this week.

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3 thoughts on “7/8/13 WOD

    1. Yes Terry… Anyone is welcome to come out. We will be capping the event at a specific number of athletes, so the sooner people sign up the better.

  1. Can I sign us up then possibly back out the week before? It’s the first little league football games that day.. I can’t fully commit until we have schedules, which will not be for a while

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