7/8/14 WOD

cftc games 2014

Okay Crossfit people we need people to start to commit and sign-up for the CFTC games.  It will be a good experience for those that have never competed, there will be no hard gymnastic skills involved (muscle-ups, HSPU etc..) just a lot of fun for a good cause and a chance to push yourself beyond what some people think is their limit.  For those that do the Drive workouts it is mandatory!


A.  5 x 3 Power Clean- build per set; rest as needed.

B.  EMOM of 12 minutes

Min 1- 8 Shoulder to Overhead (start at 95/65 and build be set)

Min 2- 8 T2B

Min 3- Row 12 cals

C.  Complete for times:

Run 800m (5 laps)

-rest 2 min

Run 400m (2.5 laps)

-rest 2 min

Run 200m (1.5 laps)



A.  20 minutes to establish a 3RM Back Squat, then do: 1×3@95%, 1×3@90%- rest 90 sec between drop sets.

B.  For Time:

Run 800m

5 Rope Climbs-15′

50 Target Burpees 6″

5 Rope Climbs-15′

Run 800m



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2 thoughts on “7/8/14 WOD

  1. You KNOW we’d be there if we could. Haven’t missed a Crossfit summer games. But unfortunately family reunions take presidence…dang it anyways! Have fun you guys…we will reluctantly give our last place position. Enjoy it while you can!…the Shock’s will be back next year to resume our reign. 🙂

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