8/1/13 WOD


SCHEDULE- Friday- Because we are hosting a day of the Retro Games we will be closed Friday night from 3-5pm. Anyone interested in volunteering for judging please let Lindsay know as soon as possible. Saturday- we will be doing the 31 Hero’s workout, if anyone is interested in Donating to this great cause please go to the link and register under our Crossfit The Club affiliate.
Donate to 31 Heroes


A. In 5 minutes, complete the following:

Run 620m ( 4 laps)

Row as many meters as possible.

*rest 5 min

B. In 5 minutes, complete the following:

10 Evil Wheels

15 Back Ext

20 Sit-ups (hands on head)

*rest 5 min

C. In 5 minutes, complete the following:

Run 620 m

AD as many cals as possible.


CF Gymnastics 5:15pm, Olympic Lifting 6:15pm, Yoga 7:30 is cancelled for tonight.

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