8/12/13 WOD


The image you see here is more than just a logo. It is more than a simple branding. It represents something. Power, Strength, Honor, Devotion, Loyalty, Honesty, Community… These are but a few of many traits this symbol portrays. CrossFit The Club was created with the intention of changing lives and I know for a fact it has done just that. It has helped us find a new path to health and fitness through exercise and nutrition. It has introduced many strangers to one another, and created new friendships and bonds. It has brought forth inspiration in countless forms and on so many levels. Now in true CFTC fashion, our people have done it again. You have all stepped up without hesitation to help one of our own. Your acts of kindness and generosity are truly incredible, and I am so proud to be a part of something so great. Thank you all!

Update:  Joni has been released from the hospital and is home now resting. Please continue to send positive thoughts and prayers to her and her family.
A. 3 rounds (not for time)
30-40 double unders or 1 min practice
3-5 strict pull-ups- can’t do strict, work from top down- chin over bar 4 count down.
30 sec Hollow Rock
B. 5×3 Push Press- build to heaviest possible; rest as needed.
C. Push-ups- 2 sets for max reps; rest 2 minutes
D. 15 min max distance sled drag- 90/45 (2 plates men/1 plate women)
-every 3 minutes, beginning at 3:00, 20 burpees.
*Notes- sled drag 40yds down and back, stop every 3 min to perform 20 burpees. Take 3-5 min and quick cool down stretch after.

3 rounds (not for time)
10-12 C2B Pull-ups
45 sec Nose to wall handstand hold
40-50 Double Unders
B. 3 x 5 back squat- build to 5lbs heavier then last week.
C. 3 x 5 bench press- build to 5lbs heavier then last week.
D. 3 rounds for time of:
Run 400m (3,2,3 laps)
10 thrusters- 135/85
*rest 5 minutes then do:
5 minutes ME Airdyne for max Cals
*notes- we are in our 9th week of adding 5lbs to our squats, presses and pulling, if you fail at your heaviest attempt take 90% and work back up from that point. Quick 3-5 minute cool down stretch after.

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3 thoughts on “8/12/13 WOD

  1. Just saw on Facebook that there was a power outage at the OAC and they are closed. Estimated time to open is 9:00am. Stay tuned!

  2. Lights and music are on, but no clock!!!! So bring a phone or a timer for yourself if you want to keep your own time.

    On another note, CrossFit the Club is an elite group of people in more ways than one. I am so humbled and proud to be part of such an amazing group of people. Enough of the mushy stuff, since Joni can’t “WOD” we all better work harder for her!!! She would love to be able to get to the gym and workout. So, if you are even thinking about skipping your workout, think again. You are lucky you are able to get to the gym and move your body!! Don’t take it for granted!!!

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