8/13/13 WOD


You’ll get to enjoy these movements today. I want everyone to keep these ideas in mind…

  • You will get ten times the workout with 20 perfect wall balls, than you would with 100 half squat / partial throw wall balls.
  • There is WAY more than 1″ of travel in a ring dip. All the way down, All the way up to lock out. That’s how it’s done!
  • You WILL clean more weight with proper technique and form. Don’t get sloppy! If you have questions, please ask a coach. They will break it down for you and you will improve.
  • If you’re holding a conversation while rowing… You’re not trying hard enough! Focus on speed, efficiency, and endurance. Not on discussing how awesome the last episode of Breaking Bad was. Although I must say, it was pretty good…

A. 5 x 3 back squat- build to 5lbs heavier then last week, rest as needed.
B1. 3 x 10-15 weighted back ext; rest 60 sec.
B2. 3 x 12 ring rows-thumbs to chest; rest 60 sec.
C. For time:
21 wall balls- 20/14 (10’/9′)
Row 300m
21 KBS-53/35
15 wall balls
Row 300m
15 KBS
9 wall ball
Row 300m
*notes- back squat- don’t add weight until you can achieve full ROM, do some extra mobility work here if needed. Quick 3-5 min foam roll session after.

A. 5 x 3 cleans- build to 5lbs heavier then last week.
B. 1 x 5 Deadlift- 5-10lbs heavier then last week, don’t drop from top, return to floor.
C. For time
“Power Elizabeth”
Power cleans-135/95
Ring dips
*notes- part A up until now has been a power cleans, weight by now should be getting very heavy, be sure to work on changing the depth of the receiving position= weight gets heavier the lower you have to receive the bar!  Quick 3-5 min foam roll session.

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