8/15/13 WOD

So was there a special workout the actors of 300 did to get in shape for the movie?

Yes. Director Zack Snyder wanted the film to depict a Spartan army that was lean and cruel, rippled with muscle built from the hardships of life in Sparta. He wanted his actors to train like those warriors would have trained, developing a trust in one other which would show through onscreen. As such, the actors’ training regime was handled by Gym Jones, under the supervision of world record holding professional mountain climber Marc Twight. During the 8 week regime, the same exercise was never repeated twice, and when it was over, Twight admitted that he had pushed the actors as hard as he had ever pushed anyone in his life.

Sound familiar? In case you are a fan and haven’t seen the new trailer, here is 300 Rise of an Empire.

Function / Drive
For Time:
Run 800m (5 laps)
Row 800m
Airdyne 80 Cals
Then (no rest)
50 V-ups

Today’s Gymnastics class will be moved to 10:00am instead of 5:15pm.

*notes- spend some extra time 5-10 min stretch/foam roll/lacrosse ball. Function:  attend the gymnastics class at 10:00am.  Drive:  attend the Olympic lifting class at 6:15pm. Need some extra mobility go to Yoga at 7:30pm.

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