8/16/13 WOD


13oz store bought almond butter on the left… Cost= $8.99

36oz Winco fresh ground almond butter on the right… Cost= $6.00

When you purchase food for your home, it’s always good to explore all your options. For example, Winco is incredibly cheap and can supply you with a wide variety of quality products. Especially when it comes to raw nuts, seeds, honey, and freshly ground almond butter. You don’t always have to go to the health food stores which can be fairly expensive. When it comes to meat, Costco wins hands down! No need to discuss that any further. Online shopping is also a great avenue to take. You can find all sorts of deals on coconut oil, fish oil, and raw vitamins if you just look. Yes going to several different places to acquire everything you need may take up more time, but with the right planning it is easily doable and will be well worth it. How about you? Do you have any methods you’d like to share with the rest of us?

A. 5 x 3 front squat- build to 5lbs heavier then last week.l; rest as needed.
B. 3 x 15 RDL’s- heaviest possible; rest 60 sec.
C. For time:
Row 500m
25 burpees over the erg
50 double unders
25 burpees over the erg
Row 500m
*notes- 3-5 min cool down stretch.

A. Snatch (overhead) warm-up, 3 reps each of:
Down & ups
High hang high pulls
High hang muscle snatch
Snatch balance- 4″ drop
Sotts press
Duck walk- 3 steps forward/ 3 steps back
High hang snatch
B. 15 min to establish a “heavy” snatch
C. 3 rounds of:
9 deficit HSPU- 6″/4″
50 KBS-53/35
9 bar muscle-ups
*rest 1:1
**notes- “heavy” snatch good technique, no pressing the BB.  3-5 min cool down stretch.

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