8/5/13 WOD


Almost a clean sweep of the podium this weekend at the Retro Games. Individuals- 1st place Blake B. 3rd place Tony J. Teams- 1st place Chase/Autumn 2nd place Sheena/Matt 4th place Tyson/Jennica


A. 3 rounds (not for time)

30-40 double unders or 90 sec practice

30 sec Handstand Holds

15 Jackknifes

B. Bench Press- work up to a 1RM; rest as needed.

C. Dips- 2 sets for max reps; rest 60 sec.

D. Row 2k For Time

*notes- record bench and 2k row. Take 3-5 min cool down stretch.


A. 3 rounds (not for time)

30-40 Double Unders

12-15 Shoulder Touches

15 GHD Sit-ups

B. 3 x 5 Back Squat- add 5lbs from last week, build to heaviest possible.

C. 3 x 5 Bench Press- add 5lbs from last week, build to heaviest possible.

D. EMOM for 10 min

15 Wall Balls-20/14 (10’/9′)

5 Burpees

*notes- we are in our 8th week of adding 5lbs to our lifts each week. If you miss take 90% and work back up from that point. Four more weeks and we retest! Take 3-5 minutes and cool down stretch.


*strength will be posted on small white board daily Monday-Wednesday, Thursday off, Friday-Saturday.

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