8/8/13 WOD

shane g

Happy Birthday Shane G. one of our favorite minorities!


*Just a quick note now with the new structure. Because we have a lot of things going on now and a lot of people doing different things please be on time, the first 5 minutes of class will be devoted to the general warm-up. Do not neglect the dynamic movements in the general warm-up that will prepare your nervous system for the movements that are about to take place. If the general warm-up is done at the right pace this should be a significant amount to get the core temperature warmed up and ready to go! After you have completed the general warm-up fully, it should only take about 5 minutes, then move onto the A portion.

A. 6 sets for max distance of:

90 sec. Work/ 90 sec Rest

Choose one…




B. 20 reps each of:


Leg Levers- legs straight, lower to heals and back up

4ct Scissor Kicks- quick 4 count- 1,2,3,4= 1 rep

Sprinter Sit-ups- sit up and drive knee to chest like you are sprinting.

Hollow Rocks- over an back= 1 rep

Bicycle Crunch- opposite elbow to opposite knee, fully extend legs

V-ups (jackknifes)- love em!

4 ct. Russian Twist- balance on butt, 4 count-1,2,3,4= 1 rep

* Notes- make an effort to go to our accessory classes Gymnastics (5:15pm), Olympic Lifting (6:15pm), Yoga (7:30pm).



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