9/12/13 WOD

Tracking your progress on lifts and WOD times is extremely important. The blue sheets work well and are a great quick reference. Logging everything into your own binder or notebook can also be helpful when you want a more personalized touch in terms of organization. If you are more into the technological side of things, I recommend myWOD. This app is fantastic for tracking lifts, WODs (including all the “girls”, “hero” wods, “games” wods, and even “custom” wods), logging them into a built in calander, includes built in timers, links to How To videos on movements, and much more. It’s available in the iTunes Store or if you are an android person, Google Play.


For those who chose to do the 9/11 WOD “Never Forget”, I recommend you do the conditioning from yesterday to stay on track and compare to your previous time.

9/11/13 WOD Results

A. Complete the following:
Three 300yd Shuttle Runs
*rest 5 minutes b/t efforts
– Run (6) 50yd shuttles (25yds down, 25 yds back)
*notes- to pass conditioning test:
Less then 200lbs men/160 women 60 second average and below.
200+ men/160+ women- 65-70 second average and below.

Yoga will be held in the small aerobics room at 6:00am. No 7pm yoga. Gymnastics at 5:15pm and Olympic lifting at 6:15pm

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