9/19/13 WOD


Happy Late Birthday Autumn!


AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

3 Wall Walks

50yd Farmer Walks (25yds down/25yds back)- 70/53 each hand

*Rest 4 min

AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

25 Double Unders

5 Burpee Pull-ups

*Rest 4 min

AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

Row 250m

Run 155 m (1 lap)

10 DB Power Clean & Push Press- choose weight where you can go unbroken per set.


YOGA- remember the new yoga time is at 6am, meet in the small room.

GYMNASTICS- today at 5:15pm

OLYMPIC LIFTING- today at 6:15pm.


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