9/5/13 WOD

Yes, right here in our beloved Ogden!


A. For Time:

Run 1 mile (10 laps)

155m Farmers Carry-70/53 (each arm)

50 Burpees

Run 800 m (5 laps)

155 m Farmers Carry

35 Burpees

Run 400 m

155 m Farmers Carry

20 Burpees

*notes- spend an extra 10 minutes doing some kind of mobility work, your missing a major part of becoming a more fit person if you neglect this area of your fitness!

CF GYMNASTICS- tonight at 5:15pm.

OLYMPIC LIFTING– tonight at 6:15pm.

Yoga– will be cancelled tonight.  We are looking for another time to hold the yoga classes, would anyone be interested in a 6am yoga class?  Post to comments what time you would like to have the class.  I think this is a great addition to CFTC and would hate not to provide this to our members.


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11 thoughts on “9/5/13 WOD

  1. I cannot do a morning class and really liked the 730pm class (being one of the regular participants). However, I understand because this summer the classes were small.

  2. No one wants 5am kimmie! I think 615 and do o lifting Tuesdays same time 🙂 then we can do the wod and all the extras. For those that stay for all 4 on Thursdays because I would love to do yoga but after gymnastics and o lifting I’m wore out.

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