About CrossFit The Club

Our History

CrossFit The Club was founded in 2009 and was one of the first CrossFit boxes to open in Utah. Located within the Ogden Athletic Club in South Ogden Utah, we have a large facility complete with an indoor track, massive pullup rigs, olympic lifting equipment, and much much more. We also incorporate Speed & Agility Training by Parisi to enhance our members athletic abilities.

Our Goal

We train anyone and everyone willing, at any fitness level and any background. We want the same end goal as you. To make you stronger and healthier, which will inevitably lead to a happier life. Our coaches are well trained and educated in many areas of physical fitness and will help you along the way. Need nutritional guidance? We’ve got it! Want help understanding technique and proper form? We will do that! Simply want to be stronger, faster, and in better shape… That’s our specialty.