Barbells For Boobs

The video below explains how this amazing organization started and what a positive impact it’s had.  CFTC has registered to participate and we would love to see everyone’s support.  For more detailed information Click Here.

CFTC has chosen October 27th to host our “Grace” event.  To register and show your support, follow these instructions:

• Participant registration: athletes should go to, then click on the sign up tab, and scroll down to participant. Athletes can register as an individual or if there are more than 1 person paying on 1 credit card then register as a group. From there fill in the necessary info. Be sure to select CrossFit The Club as your affiliate so our box gets credit for the donation.

• T-shirts: All t-shirts will be given to participants. In order for athletes to get their t-shirts on the day of the event they must register online 10 days prior. Anyone who registers after the 10 day mark will receive their shirts in November.  We will continue to post updates on the CFTC site as we get closer to the 27th.  If you have any questions, post to comments.

As you can see, we are on something of a tight schedule so you may want to sign up as quickly as possible.  This is such a great event and helps people that really need it.  All of us at CFTC can make a difference.  Sign up, Do “Grace”, and lets save a pair!

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8 thoughts on “Barbells For Boobs

  1. Kellie and I are in for sure! This is something that has impacted me personally. My mother was diagnosed a few years back and has battled her way through it. She is a survivor and continues to be positive even after all she has been through. I love her very much and I can’t wait to show my support for such an amazing cause.

  2. Lindsay – So great – just noticed that I will be out of town the 27th. Any chance you can host a catch-up event for those who cannot make it say that Friday or Saturday?

  3. This will be done in the evening, we are planning on cancelling the evening wods and meeting around 5 or 6pm so everyone can be together all at the same time.

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