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Welcome to CrossFit The Club powered by Box Command! If you are a current member and have received your Box Command credentials from us via email… You’ve come to the right place. NOTE:  If you are a current member and have not received your credentials, talk to any of our coaches and we will get you taken care of.

This tutorial is meant to walk you through the basics of using the app’s features to track your WOD scores, Strength Cycle, PR’s and so much more. Let’s get started!

Step 1:  Download and install the app on your mobile device from iTunes or Google.


Once installed, login by typing the Username and Password that was sent to you by CrossFit The Club.

Step 2:  Switching from Parisi to CrossFit The Club.


You will notice the Parisi The Club home screen instantly. Don’t worry! This system is running two athletic programs. All you need to do is switch to CrossFit, and from that point on you will automatically be taken to your CrossFit profile.

  1. Select the 3 yellow bars on the top right of your screen. A profile panel opens.
  2. Select “Schedule”.
  3. Select “Parisi Speed” located at the top middle. A drop down will appear where you will see CrossFit.
  4. Select “CrossFit” and you will immediately be on the CrossFit side of the app and see WOD posts. Go ahead and select the appropriate WOD you are looking for.

Step 3:  The WOD Screen.


Here you can see the Strength/Skills and the WOD for the day, as well as enter your scores for each. Be aware that scores can also be entered from the WOD and Strength tabs as well. I will go into more detail on entering scores in Step 6.

Step 4:  Class Schedule and RSVP.


This tab displays the current class times available. You also have the option to RSVP for a class if you know you will be attending. This feature will be put into full affect in the near future.

Step 5:  The Leaderboard.


The Leaderboard is AWESOME! When you enter your scores, they are automatically placed in the appropriate ranking according to score and level recorded. You also have the option of filtering the Leaderboard according to Rx, Scaled, Male, Female etc… Simply select the “Sprocket” icon located on the right side, just above the scores listed.

Step 6:  Recording scores for WOD and Strength.


The WOD Score tab allows you to enter your score for the day. It is VERY IMPORTANT that after entering your score, you select the “RX” drop down menu and select the appropriate choice:  RX, Scaled B, Scaled C, or Masters. This ensures that the filter option on the Leaderboard works properly. After all data has been entered, select the “Disk” or “Save” icon located above the “RX” drop down menu. The Strength tab you see below works exactly the same way. Finally the last tab located right of the Strength tab is simply a chat feature that allows you to converse with current CFTC members.


Step 7:  Using the Main Menu.


Lastly is the Main Menu. When you select the three yellow bars in the top right of the screen, it opens up the Main Menu with your profile. Below you’ll see a list of each and their corresponding functions.

  1. Schedule:  Takes you to the listed WODs.
  2. Today:  List of remaining classes for the day and ability to RSVP.
  3. Tracking:  View your past WOD scores and Strength numbers. This feature is great! Be sure to log your scores each day, or this feature will be empty.
  4. Chat:  A continuous thread of chat conversations among CFTC members.
  5. My Next Goal:  Log goals in your profile for you to track and coaches to see.
  6. Injuries?:  Log injuries, limitations, or illnesses you may be experiencing on certain dates, so you can better track your performance.
  7. Home:  DO NOT TOUCH THIS BUTTON! (Still working out the bugs here).
  8. Sign Out:  Signs you out.
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