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Word has it that several of you have decided to take your jump roping to an entirely new level by purchasing beautiful Buddy Lee jump ropes.  Well to give you a little added help, we found this article for you to read.  Maybe it will help you break in those new ropes properly.

Jumping Rope is an Incredible Conditioning Tool

by projectswole.com

I want to outline the many different ways and angles to skip rope.  Put them all together and you will have a seriously kickin’ workout.  Jumping rope can be done for endurance or as a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session by breaking it up into rounds.

When jumping for say like 30 minutes, you pace yourself for the 30 minute workout. When doing rounds of 3 or 4 minutes, you up the intensity so you’re working at max heart rate, or close to it, throughout the round.

Jump Rope Techniques

Double leg jumps

Jump with both feet simultaneously. This one of the most common methods of jumping rope. If this is all you do, you are probably bored. Jumping rope with this technique is good for balance and foot speed.

Alternate leg jumps

Jump over the rope with one leg at a time. First you jump with your right foot, then the next revolution you jump with your left foot. Only one foot should be kept on the ground at all times. This technique is even better for balance and will also make your calves stronger.

Single leg high knees

Jump rope one leg at a time raising your knees as high as possible with each revolution of the rope. Go as fast as you can. If you really want a painful workout add some wrist weights to your jumping session. You can find ropes with weighted handles. DO NOT buy those because the weight distribution is different. Wearing wrist weights will transfer the effects of the jump rope to the right places with minimal strain far better than weighted handles.

Single leg high knees are great for sprinters and for strengthening the lower abs. This one will also give you a higher level cardiovascular workout.

Double leg high knees

Same idea as the single leg high knee jumps, except you launch yourself off the ground with both feet at once, bringing your knees to your chest. This is a great exercise for basketball players, track and field athletes, skiers, or pretty much anyone else that utilizes a high force output from their legs. Be careful if you are not conditioned because this one will wipe you out quick!

Criss cross

This is a tricky movement for the advanced jump rope enthusiast. After the rope passes under your feet and is over your head, cross your elbows over each other at about the middle of your torso and jump through the rope as you would normally. The twist must be done quickly and accurately in order to make the jump. You really need to extend the elbows over each other to make the hole big enough to jump through.

Double unders

Using any method of jumping you choose, the rope must pass under your feet twice before you touch the ground. Similar to the double leg high knees, double unders can get difficult quickly and they build explosive power in the quads and calves. Due to the velocity at which you have to swing the rope, this is also like high intensity interval training for your rotator cuffs. In fact, you don’t want to be jumping as high as you can, but rather you want to jump a little bit higher than normal, but whip the rope around fast enough to get it under your feet twice each jump.

If you have two swings down pat, go for three swings. I’ve yet to personally see anyone get four swings, but I’m sure some professional boxers and MMA athletes can do it.

Run skipping

Go outside start running while jumping the rope with which ever technique you like best. The goal is to just keep running while jumping rope. You can also utilize this method while running backwards, which is far more challenging. This is a great endurance builder. If your workout normally consists of endurance running, try this for a new challenge.

Ali shuffle

To jump rope just like Muhammad Ali, start in a stationary position and jump rope while moving your upper body in all directions. Utilize jumps that move your body side-to-side, forward and back, criss cross, any other angles you can think of. The Ali Shuffle is awesome for balance and coordination, which are both essential in any sport.

Be creative

Any other movements you can come up with, or combinations of the movements lists above, are also great. The idea of jump rope training for most athletes is going to be to jump for time rather than for endurance. Utilizing a HIIT method of jumping rope is far better for developing power and strength than long distance jumping.

Putting Together a Routine

Here are a couple examples of routines you can use that implement some of the rope jumping techniques outlined above.

  • Routine #1 – Endurance
    The low intensity endurance routine. Jump rope non stop for 30-60 minutes.
  • Routine #2 – Moderate Intensity
    High knee jumps for 30 seconds.
    Double foot jumping for 30 seconds.
    Repeat for 5 minutes, rest for 60 seconds, then do it 4 more times.
  • Routine #3 – “The Calf Blaster” – Moderate Intensity
    Single leg jumping on each leg for 30 seconds per leg.
    Single leg jumping, two jumps per leg, alternating legs for 60 seconds.
    Double foot jumping for 60 seconds.
    Repeat once, rest for 60 seconds, then do it 3 more times.
  • Routine #4 – High Intensity
    Double leg high knee jumps for 30 seconds.
    Criss cross jumps for 30 seconds, focusing on speed of movement.
    Repeat for 5 minutes, rest for 60 seconds, then do it 4 more times.
  • Routine #5 – “The Ab Blaster” – High Intensity
    Double leg high knee jumps for 30 seconds.
    Single leg high knees for 60 seconds.
    Drop to the floor for 50 situps.
    Repeat twice, rest for 60 seconds, then do it 3 more times.
  • Routine #6 – Very High Intensity
    Alternate leg jumps for 30 seconds at high speed.
    Double unders for 15 seconds.
    Double leg high knee jumps for 15 seconds.
    Repeat for 3 minutes, rest for 60 seconds, and do it 3 more times.
  • Routine #7 – “The Shoulder Blaster” – High Intensity
    Double unders for 30 seconds.
    Criss cross jumps for 30 seconds.
    Drop to the floor and bang out 20 clapping push-ups.
    Repeat three times, rest for 60 seconds, then do it 3 more times.
  • Routine #8 – High Endurance Training
    Run skipping non stop for 30 minutes.
  • Routine #9 – High Endurance Training (great for fighters)
    Ali Shuffle jumping for 30 minutes
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11 thoughts on “Buddy Lee does CF

  1. jeez….you need to come down to my level, with a little routine I like to call “Routine #0”
    Get your rope, sit it in front of you, now watch, keep watching, visualize for about 10 minutes, now pick your rope up, get a drink of water, and smile 🙂 No all jokes aside this looks pretty cool, thanks for making these programs so I can try, ya try…

  2. Loraine… I like your style! I’ll start with #0 then slowly progress into the next. I like the get creative part. I’m going to come up with something that will blow your minds! Maybe I can get Kellie to help me choreograph a routine. 😉

  3. Hey maybe this will help you out too Brody…I did not see a single one with a weighted vest that did not last up to two hours 🙂

  4. Sorry I am just bored for the moment. But I have it now, a single jump onto a 24 inch box only to return to the floor to do a dreaded double under. I think we could add this to the filthy 50 ya know 🙂

  5. Ha ha ha! This if my favorite part…. It’s about double unders…. “If you have two swings down pat, go for three swings. I’ve yet to personally see anyone get four swings, but I’m sure some professional boxers and MMA athletes can do it.” That’s awesome! I’ve gotten 50…. and I know others who have gotten more than me! We are definitely professional athletes! 🙂

  6. Jodie, sweety, ( yes I am being patronizing) he means triple-unders or quadruple-unders. But yes, you getting 50 in a row and others more than that is phenomenal ( not patronizing, praising). I wish I could get more than 2 or 3 🙁

  7. I am making a goal to incorporate these jump rope routines into my weekly workout. Next week I am going to do routine 1 twice. If anyone wants to play along let me know. 🙂

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