CFTC Barbell Club

We are a barbell club for the fitness athlete. Our priority is competing, then improving upon that, then competing again. Our focus is detailed phases of training at a higher volume. Skill work is based at higher loads and intensities.  Recovery is your second full time job which includes sleep, mobility work, and nutrition. If you’re not willing to work as hard on your recovery as your fitness, then you’re not willing to unlock your full potential and it’s a waste of your time. The CFTC Barbell Club is the whole package… All or nothing!

We are looking for those who are dedicated to their training and health in every way, shape and form. Our goal is to forge athletes into competitive machines. Sound like something you are looking for? Then by all means, let’s get started.

Begin by filling out our online form. Your submission will be reviewed by a CFTC head trainer. They will then contact you via email with more detailed information regarding the Barbell Club and our expectations.



Please submit your 1 Rep Max (in pounds) for the following:



Clean & Jerk:

Split Jerk:

Push Jerk:

Behind The Neck Jerk:


Back Squat:

Front Squat:

Strict Press:

Push Press:

Bench Press:

Max Muscle-ups:

Max Strict HSPU (games standard):

Row times for 500m, 1000m, 2000m (each separated by commas):


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