Create Your Own WOD

If you were given the opportunity and all the equipment necessary to create the perfect WOD…  Would you accept the challenge?

If you answered yes, would you be honest?  By this I’m referring to your abilities.  Would you create a WOD to push your body to it’s fullest potential, or simply pick what you’re good at and know, just so you can say “I exercised today”? Well here’s your chance…  CrossFit The Club is a blank canvas and you are the artist.  Let’s see what creativity, madness, pain, anguish, and suffering you can bring to the table.

The Game:  Post your WOD to this comment section.  Feel free to name it as you feel necessary.

The Outcome:  The top 6 picks will be used for our own CrossFit The Club “HELL WEEK”.

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76 thoughts on “Create Your Own WOD

  1. “ Bar Appritiation” ??? NOOOOOO! Lindsay I was hoping you had forgotten that one, for those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of this one… well it is horrible!

  2. O yes a 20 pound vest doing “Pete” I like it! Good thinking Curtis! But remember, my request was the 2 miles be ran on the toll road, so a vest AND the toll road??.. not sure that’s possible. Maybe the 1st 2 miles on toll road, last 2 with a vest on flat ground.. Hmm this could be dangerous putting us in charge!!

  3. I call this WOD “can’t sit to pee” never underestimate the power of walking lunges!

    2 hill sprints- weighted vest or not
    400 meters walking lunges- weighted vest or not

  4. Ummmm. First off, I’ve decided that I don’t like any of you anymore. Second, I was told that there would be no math involved to take this class. I’m going to need a graphing calculator to keep track of some of these formulas. Also, can you let us know ahead of time when this week will be because it might be wise to schedule in 2 hrs per session instead of 1.

  5. Ok all of you are sick…. I would go for perfect 10 if any even though I dislike rowing or Libbi (Mindi just for you) … Lindsay a definate no on bar apperception…. most of the other workouts are just crazy and too much thinking

  6. Ok the toll road was a bit much to add to “Pete”
    This one if for real. It exploits my weaknesses.
    I call it..

    “RX for everyone!”
    OHS 45/33
    Box Jumps 20in/tire
    Jumping pull ups

    For all of you who may laugh at this ‘easy’ workout (Chase) just look at it as a fast paced workout. Try to finish as fast as you can. For you overacheivers you can row 1000 to finish, because i also hate to row! BUT it is not required for this workout 🙂

  7. See if this WOD floats your boat. You can ask Joni or some of the other people that did it with me how they lilked it:


    3 rounds of:
    3 laps (600 m)
    30 Burpee Box Jumps
    30 Burpee Pull Ups

  8. Scot W, amen man, I’ve been thinking the same thing. No wonder I can’t shake this damn cold/flu, I keep reading these WODs!

    Here’s mine:

    “Fran’s Evil Twin”
    Man Makers 95/65
    Burpee Pullups
    200m Run

  9. All the workouts I hate the most!!

    Wall Balls
    200 Meter Run after each set.

    I won’t be there but you guys enjoy!!

  10. Its not a suicide workout like alot of the workouts you crazy people are posting but it should burn a little, haha!!!

  11. For Time: 100 Rage Ball Slams* (20m/14w)

    Every minute on the minute, complete 5 burpees before starting the wall ball complex.

    *Squat clean the ball, perform a wall ball throw, and upon catching the ball, slam it down on the floor and try to catch it when it ‘bounces’ up.

  12. My wife – who works in upper management over there – correctly pointed out that there are 9 circles in hell. So I stand corrected!

    “The nine circles of hell”

    Complete for time:

    1 Lap Sprint
    1 Lap Burpees
    1 Lap Sprint
    1 Lunge Lap w. plate
    1 Lap Sprint
    1 Lap Farmer’s Walk
    1 Lap Sprint
    1 Lap Bear Crawl
    1 Lap Sprint

    Do 10 burpees for each minute of time you finish behind the leader

  13. “All My Best Friends Are Crossfitters”

    A perfect workout for a Saturday morning at Mt. Ogden Park–no equipment required and trails available. In teams of 4, rotate through each station for one minute at time. Complete for time…

    200 Squats / Advanced, Jumping Squats
    200 Push-Ups / Advanced, Clapping Push-Ups
    200 Sit-Ups / Advanced, Jack-Knives
    200 Lunges / Advanced, Jumping Lunges

    Once one station is complete, the person rotating through that station must hold a working position….

    Squat–Hold at Bottom
    Push-Ups–Hold at Bottom or Plank
    Lunges–Hold at Bottom

    Then take a leisurely jog on the Mt. Ogden Trail–about 2.5 miles.

  14. We drag a weighted sled up and down the big hill and drop at the top and and bottom doing squats/burpees/ sit-ups, counting one round trip as one round for total of 20-30 minutes.

    Teams: one person drags while the other drops. The faster you get done with the s/b/p the more rest you get before its you turn up the hill.

  15. We run the nature trail (the dirt path not the black top) for 30 minutes. Each lap you do 50 burpees. Simple.

    BTW the trail is roughly .94 tenths of a mile depending on which fork you take.

  16. Hideous Hundred by Jodie L
    The sucky sixty by Hef
    Dirty Dozen by Jerilyn
    Sams (with the running)
    Perfect 10 by JV
    …and “Pete” but it’d have to be a Saturday wod. It’d take me too long to do it on a weekday!
    Can’t wait to see what crazy stuff we’ll be doing that week!

  17. Hey guys, I noticed a bit late that I didn’t name my WOD’s. Sorry for those who have already voted for ‘the first one’…..I’ll call it “WHO NEEDS TO BREATHE…” HAHA.

    2nd WOD I’ll call “Like a Boxer”………….(shoulders, abs etc) 😉

    Happy voting…can’t wait!

  18. Ok I’m way late in making up a WOD, but o well. Its called:

    “Sprint Triathlon – Crossfit Style”:

    1000 meter row
    50 burpee pull-ups
    3 mile run

    thats it!

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