CrossFit The Club Trainers


Lindsay has been involved in some sort of strength & conditioning his entire life. He is the founder and head trainer of CrossFit The Club. His personal programming is widely known as some of the most challenging and difficult around, and there’s no doubt they deliver results. Although a man of few words, he can be heard loud and clear in times of instruction, motivation, and coaching. Lindsay IS… CrossFit The Club.


Scott was one  of the first people to sign up at CrossFit The Club back in 2009. He quickly took to the sport of fitness, and it wasn’t long before he became a true competitor. There is never a shortage of energy and encouragement when Scott is around. He is always with you every step of the way and will never let anyone give up or quit.


Michael found CrossFit while looking for a change in his lifestyle. Not only did he find what he was looking for, but he fell in love with it. His dedication and hard work has more than paid off! He constantly trains and strives to break personal records on a daily basis by utilizing his Crossfit level 1 & 2 certifications as well as his Crossfit weightlifting certification. His love of the CrossFit community keeps him continually working to help others achieve their goals to become stronger, faster, and healthier.


Tyson is one of those born athletes and has been involved in every sport you can imagine. As a student at Southern Utah University, he started out at CrossFit Cedar and eventually found a new home here at CrossFit The Club. He is dedicated and has worked hard for all he has accomplished. When asked about his diet and what makes him tick, he replied with all honesty, “I’m 80% paleo. I just know what makes me feel good and that’s what I eat”. His future goals include CF Games competitor by 2014, snatch 285, clean 350, and back squat 480.


Sherrie’s training style is fantastic. Thorough instruction delivered in a fun atmosphere. She is a true people person. That, coupled with her expansive knowledge of CrossFit and technical lifts, makes her a valued asset to CrossFit The Club. She is also our local CrossFit Kids instructor, educating our youth on healthy lifestyles.


One word to describe Marie is “Driven”. Her energy is immediately felt when she enters the room. She works hard at everything she does and will NEVER quit or give up. This strong, powerful mother of two, is also our local Nutritional Specialist. She has mentored numerous CFTC athletes on proper ways of fueling the body and shown them the path to a  healthier lifestyle.