Earn Your Rx, Achieve Results

Mechanics/Intensity= Safety + Results

By  Matt Hathcock

CrossFit is a game of numbers. Bigger numbers for our weights for lifts, bigger numbers for rounds, and smaller numbers for those timed WODs. We are constantly trying to better ourselves, and score higher and higher with each rep. This is something engrained in us, it’s what makes us CrossFitters, the will to suffer to get better. However, it’s also engrained in us as human beings, to want immediate results.

What good is your lift if you risked injury to get it? What good are your rounds if you count bad reps? What good is your WOD time if you do not do full range of motion movements? How can you call those workouts prescribed? You may be pulling or pushing more weight; you may be getting more rounds and you may be getting seemingly faster, but at what cost?

Be patient. Be meticulous. Demand perfect reps. If you cannot keep the reps clean, go slower. If you cannot move the weight safely, go lighter. Put the solid mechanics of every movement ahead of increased intensity. To maintain true hard numbers to base your results, each workout must be done with the same full range of motion of each and every rep. Properly executed reps are also more efficient reps, and your output will be greater. Your progress will be solid and go farther.

This does not mean not pushing yourself. It means pushing yourself harder because you are taking each rep the entire distance. It means being proud of your scores, knowing they are legitimate. It means continuous progress with no serious injury. It means you are a CrossFitter, and held to a higher standard.

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5 thoughts on “Earn Your Rx, Achieve Results

  1. Excellent article! I wish more people thought this way, and realized what they were doing. But, there’s a lot of people that do whatever they want, however they want and call it “good enough”. Then slapping an Rx up there like it only represents the weight they used, or attempted to use.

  2. So true… It’s not just a badge of honor. The Rx means a lot of things. It’s there for the individual to push themselves and reach that level. It’s there for competitors who are on the same level to view and use as a tool for improvement when comparing scores. Most importantly, it is a claim to a legitimate time/round on a WOD. If you can’t get Rx, you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it. Just doing CF takes guts! CF will make you stronger and healthier, there is no doubt in my mind. With that strength and some determination, I know every CFTC member has it in them to reach Rx. So everyone get down to that Pit of ours and go earn your Rx!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with this article. Because this is what I am trying to learn now. When I first started crossfit I didn’t understand it at all. So I just started to RX my weight but not doing the movements as good as they should be. So the last two weeks I have went back down on weight and have been trying to get full range of motion. I still cant RX and I dont know when I will be able to, but I will give 110% each and every time. I think if you give it all you have got, then you have accomplished the goal. So…dont be too hard on yourself if you cant RX, Crossfit is a hard class and you should feel awesome just showing up and finishing 🙂

  4. I LOVE this article! It drives me crazy to watch people not do full range of motion, or cheat themselves on number of reps and still put RX! I think we should have a “judge” on Benchmark WOD days…someone to hold us accountable. Is that possible Lindsay?? That way we know the person on the Glory Board really earned their name up there (I’m not saying anyone up there hasn’t earned it).
    Just remember why we’re there…to improve OURSELVES 🙂

  5. I loved this article… I feel like I try to push myself to hard to RX and I fail… But I have to remember what is good for my body and go lighter and do full range…. But I have improved so much

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