Eggs, see for yourself

Over the past three years, I’ve most definitely developed something of an obsession with CrossFit. Can you honestly blame me though? Physical training is important, but I’ve learned the nutritional side is crucial. Learning and developing the proper ways to fuel your body can make all the difference in how you feel overall.  Now don’t get me wrong… I enjoy a glass of red wine on occasion. I will have a beer on a hot day, and I most definitely allow myself to unleash on a “Free” day. I truly believe you have to do this to keep sane. It satisfies the appetite of the mind, soul, and body. BUT, aside from my free day, I eat pretty clean and it’s well worth it. I won’t get into the details of why it’s worth it because that is a no-brainer. The topic of this article is on my experience with a new food. Duck Eggs!

It’s no secret that my wife has a love for birds. She owns quite a few, and as long as she doesn’t start wearing curlers in her hair while draped in a “Crazy Bird Lady” sweater, I’m fine with it. Not bragging but my wife’s actually really hot! Definitely the better half of this relationship. Anyways, I’m getting off track. The reason I bring up the birds is because of the ducks she bought a while back. At first I didn’t know what to think, but then I saw it from a more primal standpoint. I’m going to eat their eggs. Pure protein right?!  I started to research the difference between duck eggs and chicken eggs. Come to find out they are loaded with healthy goodness and double the nutrients in several categories when compared to chicken eggs. is just one of many sites I checked out, but they summarized it best.

Now for the best part and one of the main reasons for conducting this little culinary experiment. We’ve all read the articles or heard the stories about the inhumane treatment of chickens in the poultry industry. Poor living conditions with animals stacked on top one another. Constantly walking in and eating their fecal matter. Living amongst one another, some being dead for weeks before they are even removed by the farmers. It’s pretty damn disgusting to think these are the eggs being sold in our local stores and eaten by consumers. My ducks on the other hand roam freely in my back yard. They have access to plenty of clean water and vegetation (unfortunately my garden at times). Twice a day they are fed fresh vegetables by hand. What I’m getting at is I know what my ducks are consuming. I know they are not injected with hormones. What I wanted to know was whether or not I would notice a difference. What I found out was shocking.

Let’s keep this short and sweet:


Duck Bigger / Chicken Smaller= Good news for my appetite

Chicken= Foggy egg “white” (sarcasm), Dull yellow yolk

Duck= Clear egg white, Bright yellow-orange yolk…  Much more appetizing

Duck on Left= Bigger, rich taste and dense texture. Tasted excellent!    Chicken on Right= Smaller, flimsy texture.  Tasted good!  Honest Truth: enjoyed both but the duck egg had more flavor and substance. Much more enjoyable

I think my experiment was an obvious success. There is most definitely a difference! I know some of you who have already bought their own chickens because you are aware of the benefits. Many buy grocery store eggs from chickens that are fed strictly organic foods and are free from hormones. There’s probably just as many who don’t eat eggs at all, or do and don’t give a shit as long as it tastes good. Where ever you stand, good for you. I’m not here to judge or preach. I was curious about something and wanted to know firsthand, while hopefully delivering some information of value to your lives. Take care and stay tuned for my next experiment where I will gladly sample all cuts and brands of bacon for flavor ranking purposes. Anyone else want in on this?


~ Brody J

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9 thoughts on “Eggs, see for yourself

  1. Farmer Bordy, will you be taking orders for duck eggs now??? I’d like to try some duck eggs! On the bacon, I would like to hear your input on cracklin…..a form of bacon I was told that is healthy for the skin and hair.

  2. Your (Kellie’s) ducks are adorable! I like duck eggs too. Definitely more ‘substance’ to them. I love what you had to say, along with the photos; nice touch. As for bacon taste testing, I’m in!

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