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To make things easier for everyone, we will provide you with this Excel form to download.  Once you’ve downloaded it, you can use Microsoft Excel to log everything on your computer and email the file back to me when requested.  For those of you who do not have Excel, we’ve provided a PDF file you can download, print off, and write on.  This can then be given to me personally when requested.  Either way works and is easy for everyone.  With that said… tell me… how’s the start of the challenge going for you?

Click Here for Excel file

Click Here for PDF

Posted on: January 19, 2011admin

20 thoughts on “Food Journal Download

  1. Thanks for the spreadsheet, it will be a lot easier to keep track if I can do it this way. Day one kind of sucks. I”ve been hungry all day! Yes I am eating, maybe that is why I am hungry. Who knows. Ready for bed at 5:00!!

  2. Let me tell you about day 1 at the Dixon house… My house reeks of eggs. My kids think they can’t eat cookies cause they aren’t ‘healthy’ and i made dinner, (specifically left pesto OFF of Kurts chicken) only to have him then make his OWN dinner, cause he didn’t think what i made was ‘challenge’ approved. Ugh. I’m really proud of him, i just may kill him in the next 30 days 🙂

  3. After eating tuna for breakfast I made it a priority to hit the store today!! My son is doing the challenge with me but my husband bought chips and fruit snacks so my kid decided to bag the challenge! (Stupid husbands!) Then my son decided he would start again in the morning. I wish I could FORCE the whole family to do it!! I guess for an 8 year old choosing some nutrition is better than none though!

  4. made a great big beautiful salad for lunch and it was so pretty i even took a picture of it!!! Arugula, romaine, chicken, blackberries, strawberries, peppers, onions, cucumbers–Tasty too! doing good so far…….

  5. I agree with Celeste. I actually ate more yesterday than I normally do but because all I thought about was food…I was starving all day. Plus I felt really tired and dizzy last night at the workout. On a more positive note, I did wake up today feeling pretty good. I will add that my grass fed beef was delicious!

  6. If anyone wants grass fed beef locally, my sister and her husband have a farm and all their longhorns are grass fed and never finished. They will sale it to us very reasonably. Let me know.

  7. Okay it is pasteur fed and pasteur finished. This is very important according to my brother in law. That means it has never had corn, soy or grain fed to it, even during the final phase of its life. Most grass fed beef in the store is not pasteur finished. He can have our orders here by Tuesday. Ground Beef is $3.50 a pound, Steak is$5.00 a pound and whole roasts are $10 each. The steaks are very lean and are not marbled, so they are not moist moist. They need a marinate of some kind. Hope that

  8. Celeste I’m definitely interested! My wife and I have been searching for some locally grown grass fed and grass finished beef. Let me know how we can order.

  9. Sissi that is so funny. They approached my brother in law a while ago to buy his beef and told him they would sale it for around that price. He just isn’t big enough to supply that amount of meat consistently to them.
    Basically, tell me what you want via email,, get me cash or check. If paying by check make them payable to myself, Celeste Petersen, he doesn’t take checks. I will have your order by Sat night he can have it up here Tues morn.

  10. Shawn, do you need to even ask? Of course it is Kentucky Blue. What else would any self respecting longhorn ranch feed their cows. 🙂

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