Fri 04/06/12 WOD

Happy Birthday Big Sexy Walt, you guys make a great couple.  This ones for you big guy.



AMRAP in 10 min

3 Shoot Through

6 KBS- 53/35

15 Double Unders

*Rest 5 min

AMRAP in 10 min

Row 150

10 Push Press- 75/55

5 Burpees

Run 155 m

*Rest 5 min

AMRAP in 10 min

AD 15 Cals

10 Slam Ball



ENDURANCE- meet at 6am in the spin room


04/05/12 WOD Results

Check out the video they made of Brenda and the road to her competition.  Click here


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6 thoughts on “Fri 04/06/12 WOD

  1. Behold! Our wonderful Walt! I hope you are having a terrific day. You are someone that brightens up every room you walk into and every WOD you participate in. You don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks – I think you are awesome.

  2. You my friend are a fantastic specimen of a man. Genuine, talented, strong, and determined. We are all lucky to have you as part of our cult. Happy Birthday Biggy!

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