Fri 05/11/12 WOD

Crossfit The Club Golf Scramble is almost here and it’s not to late to sign-up.  If you were sitting on the fence not sure if you can make it it’s not to Shlate, just show up and you will be placed on a team of four.  The first groups will go out at 3:00pm, please show up at least 20 min early to check in.  Should be a lot of fun and their is no workout involved.



“Crossfit Golf”

The objective of “crossfit golf” is to complete the WOD in the fewest possible number of sets.  For example, if the WOD contains 10 pull-ups and it takes you 5,3 and 2 reps to complete the 10, then your score would be 3.  This WOD is not for time so you may rest in between sets.  There will be a 35 minute cut-off.

Perform the following 9 movements in the fewest possible number of sets.  Par for the coarse=12

30 Dead lift- 185/105

50 Pull-ups

30 Dips

50 Push-ups

30 Thrusters-95/65

50 Knees to Elbow

30 Wall Balls- 20/14 (10/9′)

50 KBS-53/35

30 steps Overhead Walking Lunges-45/25

*There will be some scaling options posted on the white board, good luck


ENDURANCE- 6am in  the spin room.




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5 thoughts on “Fri 05/11/12 WOD

  1. Don’t apologize for the WOD…..ever. That’s your job as our head coach, to challenge us like you said, mentally and physically. Its our job to show up 🙂 !

  2. The WOD was awesome – somewhat reminiscent of CFTC the early days. I can tell you the 4 pm class was packed.

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