Fri 06/29/12 WOD

A New Session of Crossfit Football will be starting next week, this will be the last session before they strap on the pads…CAN’T WAIT FOR FOOTBALL SEASON!


A.  15 min to practice or work up to a heavy Hang Power Snatch


12 min AMRAP of:

10 KB Clean & Jerks (left)-53/35

15 KBS-53/35

10 KB Clean & Jerks (right)-53/35

15 Lateral over-the-box Jumps- 20″



posted on small white board


ENDURANCE- meet the spin room at 6am.


REMEMBER- we will be closed Saturday for the Power lifting Cert.  We will be holding a class at Bonneville High School at 9am on the track, this should be a lot of fun running on a real track.

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