Fri 07/20/12 WOD

Plenty of time to plan for, sign-up sheet will be posted in the CF area.  Same format as the CFCT games in the past, sign-up as an individual and you will be placed on random teams of 2 men/ 2 women.  No excuses!


A.  7 x 1 Snatch- build to a heavy but perfect single; rest 60 sec.


5 Rounds for time of:

250 m Row/ 30 AD Cals

12 OH Lunge-115/75

15 Pull-ups

*Alternate each round between Row and AD

Cash Out

100 Banded GM


ENDURANCE- meet in the spin room at 6am.



All the following need to pick up their Libbi shirts:
Cathy B.
Amber G.
Brian F.
Tom F.
Jerri C.
Mike E.

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4 thoughts on “Fri 07/20/12 WOD

  1. Yeah I know the CFTC games are the week Weber County goes back to school and yeah I know it is the Top of Utah 1/2 marathon weekend. But there are no other weekends and no matter when we decide to have it there will be some kind of excuse…but if you want to come and challenge yourself to new levels of fitness with a great bunch of people then sign up!

  2. If you haven’t already, get your Libbi shirts If you ordered one! Whatever is left in the box by 6pm tonight, I’m giving to someone else:/ sorry, hope I’m not being mean.. But lots of people want them for tomorrow… If you want it and can’t grab it today, let Lindsay or me know and we’ll put them aside for you! Thanks for all the support!!

  3. Amber is in Idaho do I don’t know if she got your message.

    FY I, Retro Games are the same weekend as our CFTC games so all of you elites better plan on both!

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