Fri 08/24/12 WOD


A.  15 x 1 Dead lift @ 50% Bar Weight + Band Tension; rest ONLY 40 sec.


For Time:

40 AD Cals

30 Box Jumps-24/20

20 Single Arm KB OH Walking Lunge- 53/35

10 Power Cleans- go has heavy as possible, challenge yourself!

20 Single Arm KB OH Walking Lunge

30 Box Jumps

400 m Run



A1.  3 x 15 Strict GH Raises: rest 60 sec


08/23/12 WOD Results


REST DAY- if you are competing on Saturday at the CFTC Games!



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One thought on “Fri 08/24/12 WOD

  1. The Games begin tomorrow at 8:00am sharp! Arrive early if possible. Come prepared: water, progenex, shoes, oly-shoes, wrist straps, snake repellant, food/snacks, sun screen, cuss words, jump ropes, Rx Muscle Repair, spare shirt/shorts/socks if needed, IV, etc… Of course these are just suggestions and in no way suggest what type of WOD’s we’ll be doing. See you at the games! Enjoy footage of the last time we used THE HILL

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