Fri 08/30/12 WOD

One of the first at CFTC, when 95lbs used to be extremely heavy.. Now he’s a beast.  Happy Late Birthday Brody!



A.  15 x 1 Deadlift @60% of 1RM + Band Tension (10% heavier then last week); rest 30 sec b/t sets.


5 Rounds for time of:

5 Lateral Hurdle Hops-30/24

10 KBS-70/53

5 Lateral Hurdle Hops

5 Thrusters- 135/95



A1.  3 x 10 Strict GH Raises; rest 60 sec

A2.  3 x 15 Toes to Bar; rest 60 sec.


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2 thoughts on “Fri 08/30/12 WOD

  1. Where’s the pic of those amazing abs?? Happy be-lated birthday Brody!! You’re one of the coolest guys I know 🙂

  2. Thanks Chris! I thought pictures like this get deleted after you’ve payed your dues for so many years… What’s crazy is 95lb is our ladies standard now. CFTC’s come a long way and gotten stronger so keep it up everyone. Looks like a good WOD! Come on out and try to beat this old man… Shouldn’t be hard 🙂

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