“Hell Week”… Vote Here

“Hell Week” is coming!  But first we need to hear from the people.  Voting begins now, so lets see what the outcome will be.

Are you going to make it a challenge?  Will it be easy?  Perhaps a mix of the two.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Oh…  A final note to those who think they will be going on some sort of vacation during Hell Week…  Good luck with that.  Nobody knows when it will be.  Rest assured it’s coming!

CLICK HERE to review and choose from all of the WOD’s created

Let the voting begin!

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24 thoughts on ““Hell Week”… Vote Here

  1. Hideous Hundred by Jodie L
    The sucky sixty by Hef
    Dirty Dozen by Jerilyn
    Sams (with the running)
    Perfect 10 by JV
    …and “Pete” but it’d have to be a Saturday wod. It’d take me too long to do it on a weekday!
    Can’t wait to see what crazy stuff we’ll be doing that week!

  2. Run the Hills – Brody
    Dirty Dozen – Jerilyn
    Pete – Chase
    Perfect 10 – JV
    My best Friends are Crossfitters – Elise

  3. In no particular order of favorites:

    1. Bar Appreciation (because we obviously have no choice on this one… OUCH!)
    2. Chase’s 09′ Games Chipper
    3. Chris’s 12 Days of Hell Week
    4. Bitty’s first WOD of the two she posted
    5. Sam’s WOD
    6. Last but not least… Mine! Run To The Hills

    *If we can’t vote for our own, I say Dominic’s 9 Circles of Hell

  4. Dominic 666
    Elise “My mother didnt hug me”
    Chases 2009 games
    The dirty dozen
    The twelve days of Christmas

  5. Man this is a difficult choice… maybe we should consider doing Hell trimester and do them all!!!

    My fave 6 –

    12 Days of Hell Week
    Dirty Dozen
    My mother didn’t hug me
    Sam’s WOD
    Perfect 10

    Run to the Hills – but suggest to make this a saturday team work out so one can rest while the other suffers / if not I may not make it alive out of that one

  6. Alright, I guess I’ll place my votes, I chose some I like, and others I absolutely hate, but I’m trying to work on my weaknesses….
    1- Bitty’s 2nd WOD 15-12-9-6-3 etc.
    2- Run to the Hills, although may I suggest something to replace the pullups, that we can do outside so we can do it all outside, unless we have outdoor pullup bars?
    3- Perfect 10
    4- The Final Countdown
    5- Pete with weighted vests (optional) to remind us to buckle up
    6- 2009 Games Chipper, complete on your own if you’re stupid, or with a friend or 2 or 3

    Honorable mention…..
    Bar appreciation
    Busty Bench (I really would love to do this)
    Dirty Dozen
    9 Circles of Hell (This would be brutal)
    FRAN!!!! What’s hell week without the staple of crossfit workout, FRAN?

    And Lindsay, if it’s really hell week, shouldn’t we do 2 wod’s per day? Just sayin….

  7. Hey Linds…I will be in PARADISE not HELL next week, so hold off for me. I hate to miss out on all the fun!!!! I don’t care what we do…just tell me WHAT to do! Although all that running isn’t hell,,,,lets row to hell!

  8. Hef’s “Sucky Sixty”
    Bitty’s first one
    Jerilyn’s “Dirty Dozen”
    Brody’s “Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde”
    Dominic’s “The 666”
    JV’s “Perfect 10”

    And I’m with Bitty, NIX on “Pete”. 🙂

  9. Ok, my votes are tallied….. Hard to pick only 6, I’m hoping we’ll see lots of these WODs throughout the summer. 🙂

    The Dirty Dozen – Jerilyn
    Who needs to Breathe? – Bitty 😉
    Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde – Brody
    Earn Your Cheat Day – Cathy
    The Final Countdown – Ben
    Nikki – Scott

    PS I’m slow, but finally got to naming my WOD’s:
    WOD 1 “Who needs to Breathe?”
    WOD 2 “Like a Boxer”

  10. Ok so as weird as this may sound i kind of like Chase’s idea of 2 a days for Hell Week?!? If you can’t make it to the gym twice a day at least do something at home for your second workout like…
    100 squats
    100 sit ups
    100 push ups
    or go for a run, jump rope, partner carry, lunges etc.
    That would be a great way to get our butts in shape for swimsuit weather!

    Keep in mind when voting, some of those workouts would not be possible if we did 2 a days! (or even once a day!)

  11. I can’t pick just six!

    1. “Jessica” (Evan)
    2. “Pete” (Chase)
    3. “Final Countdown” (Ben)
    4. Autumn’s OHS and Burpee Pull-Up Monstrosity
    5. “Run to the Hills” (Brody)
    6. And either “My Mother Didn’t Hug Me Enough as a Kid” or “All My Best Friends Are Crossfitters”

    I also have to give a nod to “Like a Boxer” (Bitty), “Nikki” (Scott C.) and “Libbi” (Mindi D.)–I remember that WOD and it should not be named after a sweet little girl.

  12. I think this is really illustrative of the sickness coming from all of us–but I’m not totally opposed to two a days either. Granted, you should probably supply some extra garbage cans.

  13. Ok how do I get a list of the crazy WODs for hell week so I can vote as I can’t remember them all so many good ones
    I know Libby for sure

  14. Aby… Scroll to the top of this page and there’s a link labeled “CLICK HERE”. That will take you there to review the torturous WODs.

  15. Final Countdown
    Dirty Dozen
    Who Needs to Breathe
    Hawaii Badger
    Perfect 10

    But I’d prefer to pass on all of them.

  16. I should have looked first, but I can’t read… So thanks Brook… My votes are for…..
    Sucky Sixty
    Busty Bench Press
    Perfect 10
    But rather pass on any of them

  17. Hope it’s not too late to vote! Here’s mine and Ben’s picks (in no particular order)

    Twelve Days of Hell Week
    Sucky Sixty
    Run to the Hills
    The Dirty Dozen
    Dr Jekyl & Mr Hyde
    The 666
    The Final Countdown- without the penalty!
    Nikki- she’s one tough B!@$!

  18. Hell week– more like crossfit psychosis- My thought is to bring a phsychologist to see which of you needs medication or in patient admission to the state hospital. “One Flew over the Crossfit Nest”.

    here’s my vote hideous 100, sucky 60m, busty bench, didrty dozen, 666, libbie and the big easy. Pretty much anything that doesn’t have those freaking burpees in it.

    PS – love you psychos but some of you need to be tazed or something

  19. Hey lindsay,

    Thats a fun idea for crossfit Halloween this year…you as NURSE RATCHITT and each of us as our psyhco crossfit selves. We could decorate the workout room like a psych ward. Those who do not finish go into the rubber room, (alone wwith Nurse Ratchitt for round 2)- ha ha ha

    PS I did the WOD at home , minus of coarse the running. I’ll see you all as soon as my fat broken foot fits back into something that resembles a shoe. Maybe I should have worn steel toed boots on Saturday— NOT!

  20. Thanks guys, I was exhausted and weak ( not been coming regularly) and I dropped the bar on my foot! Since I had endorphines flowing, it really did not hurt that much so I went ahead an finished the WOD. Iced it and it turned a nice plum color later on. I think Lindsay thinks I did it on purpose cause I hate Burpees. so much Needless to say I won’t be doing them for awhile.

    See you all soon

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