Jan 2017 Athlete(s) of the month

Jeromy Ivie

1. I was born and raised in Ogden, but I have lived in Alaska, Kansas, Missouri and Virginia. I graduated from Bonneville High and Weber State.

2. I am a Title/Escrow Officer at Mountain America Title in Layton.

3. My favorite Crossfit movements are the clean and jerk and snatch. I enjoy trying to build on my PR’s and seeing the weight add up little by little.

4. Come and try it, it looks intimidating from the outside looking in, but once you are in class you get to see how easy it is to scale to your level. It also takes all of the thinking out of doing it yourself, you can just show up and the workout is ready to go… no thinking necessary.

5. My goal for this year is to be able to do all Crossfit Open workouts RX for 2018, this means getting my double-unders, handstand push-ups, and muscle ups RX and multiple reps unbroken. My goal for the first 4 months is to get 50 unbroken double-unders.

Ashley Bockwoldt

Where are you from? Ogden Utah
Where do you work? Event Coordinator for Ogden City
What is your favorite crossfit movement? Clean and Jerk…but I’m really starting to like the Snatch after being part of Kollins Olympic lifting class. Still a lot of work to do!
What would you tell a new person that is wanting to join crossfit? Don’t be intimidated…it will be the hardest thing you do, but it will be worth it!
Fitness goal in the new year? I dread anything gymnastics but it’s time to stop being a wuss and really work hard on getting my kipping pull up, chest to bar and hopefully some day a muscle up!

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