January 2013 Paleo Challenge

Rules for the January  Paleo Challenge

First of all I want to say good job for choosing a healthier way of eating. I want this to be as successful as you do. We need to set goals that are attainable and sustainable. So….

#1 set a goal for yourself as to where you want to be at the end of thirty days.  I want an e-mail, with your goal.

We are going to set weekly parameters, if you complete the weekly challenge your name will go into a drawing and you will receive a prize.

Week One: Women need to drink 84 oz of water per day. Men need to drink 104 oz of water per day. (we had talked about fluids, but this first week I want water)

All 30 Days: Keep a food journal, how else will I help you if I don’t know what you are eating; your food journal must be turned into me every Saturday via e-mail or at the gym. You can use an online diary if you choose, or you can just write it down on paper.

Weekly WOD: Each Monday you need to be at CrossFit to participate in the WOD, we will be tracking your progress here.

Other requirements: Before and after pictures, wear what you are comfortable in, preferably workout clothes, front and back view. Measurements, body weight and body fat testing.

Websites that will be helpful to you:

fastpaleo.com, robbwolff.com, everydaypaleo.com,marksdailyapple.com,Paleomg.com

Foods that are off limits are:

Legumes: peanuts, pinto, black, soy, white etc. You CAN have green beans and peas

Dairy: milk, yogurt, creamer, sour cream, cheese. You CAN have eggs, almond milk and coconut milk (unsweetened)

Sugar: cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, stevia, splenda. You CAN have raw honey, pure maple syrup or agave.

Grains: whole grains, wheat, quinoa, oats, barley, corn etc. You CAN have almond flour, coconut flour.

White potatoes: You CAN have yams.

Alcohol: You CAN have a sparkling water like Perrier or La Croix.

Any questions, problems, concerns e-mail me: marie@crossfittheclub.com

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