Mental Strength

The mind is a powerful thing…

We all CrossFit for very similar reasons.  To get into better shape.  To get stronger and live healthier lives.  The list can go on and on.  CrossFit can also make you mentally strong.  But to do this, it’s up to the individual to train your brain.  Read and answer the following questions to see if they do, or have ever applied to you.

1.  Have you ever been afraid to do a WOD?

2.  During strength training, have you ever told yourself before the lift… “this is going to be hard”?

3.  Do you feel you can handle the Rx’d amount, but are afraid to cross that line?

4.  Even though you feel physically strong, have your times leveled off and you don’t know why?

Well if you answered “YES” to any of these questions, consider your Mental Strength.  The following article was published by the CrossFit Journal and it is a MUST READ.  Download it here and really take it for all that it’s worth.  When you are done…  Apply it’s thoughts and ideas to your CrossFit training and see how much stronger you will become.

Mental Strength by CrossFit Journal

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  1. This was incredible….. mental strength is something I struggle with so I am glad that this article was posted. Thanks!

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