Mon 02/20/12 WOD


This is the last week to sign up for the 2012 Crossfit Games Open.  So far we have the following registered:

Lindsay Hassell          Julie Hassell       Anthony Jackson
Autumn Hawkins       Ben Cottam          Blake Bastian
Brock Thurgood         Brook Millard     Chase Heywood
Chris Perrins               Dave Laloli           Dirk Keyes
Heather Loughton    Jeremy Venz       Jim Jenkins
Joni Cottam                Kevin Lundell     Kurt Dixon
Marie Hunter             Matt Merrill        Mindi Dixon
Ron Geddes                Ryan dixon          Scott Clayson
Shaun Marshall     Sheena Hammer Spencer Shelton
Stacie Fiet

For those of you that are sitting on the fence go ahead and sign-up today there is still time!  The format for the open this year is that the workouts will come out every Wednesday night, you will have until Sunday to post your score through your profile.  Scores will then come to me for approval and you will continue this format  for 5 weeks, top 60 men/women and top 30 teams move on to Regionals.

The schedule for CFTC testing will be on Thursdays or Saturdays, if you will not be able to test either of those days please let us know.  If you are planning on competing I would recommend that you follow the games prep WOD’s each week, the programming will be base on each athlete testing on Saturday only.  Games Prep schedule will go Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs of Prep Workouts, Fri-Rest, Sat- Open WOD.  Each day will taper down so you will feel as fresh as possible for Saturday.  If you have any questions please post to comments or let us know.

The fact is, that to do anything in the world worth doing, we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in and scramble through as well as we can. (Robert Cushing)




AMRAP in 15 min of:

10 KBS- heavy

10 Hang Power Snatch-95/65

10 Hand Release Push-ups


ENDURANCE- 6am in Spin room


Games Prep- will be posted on Facebook Competition Team, let us know if you would like to be added to that page.


ATTENTION- Monday (Presidents Day)

There will be NO 5am or 6:15 pm Classes today, all other classes regular schedule.

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7 thoughts on “Mon 02/20/12 WOD

  1. Missing a lot of names on that list? Blake K. Curtis A. Shane G. And spouses. Justin M., Stacie M. Heidi S. Mike B. Rich F. Big Sexy Walt Mike L. Maurizio Blake Bailey and many more fence sitters. What’s the deal we seem short on ladies this year. We’re gonna need all the help we can get to try and qualify 2 teams for regionals this year, plus it’s a good time pushing yourself to the limit every so often. Let’s get to 50 this year, that should be no problem.

  2. Chase is right. We need everyone we can get… Every score counts. Those who have been doing CF for a while now should have NO fears about doing the open. Newcomers should take this opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and experience CF and competition on another level. Besides, we all know you’re going to be doing these WOD’s in class each week anyways. So why not make your score count towards something more than just the White Board. I know you’ve all got it in you, so let’s make it happen!

  3. Hey Crossfit the Club crossfitters!! Our affiliate is one of the largest in the state. I believe we have almost 300 members…..That is why we should have more athletes sign up for sectionals. Currently we only have around 35 people. Lindsay’s programming is top notch and I’m quite sure the wods that are going to be thrown at us are just like what we do every day…….:)

  4. Come on where’s the girls?!?! I just counted NINE girls out of that 35! Whats the worry? It’s all about challenging yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone. That’s how we grow!! And mostly, it’s about having fun!! I know PLENTY of girls that should be on that list!!

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