Mon 02/27/12 WOD

I am always impressed to see all the ladies we have do crossfit all the way through their pregnancy.  Every man should have to wear a weighted vest for 9 months and each week add 2-5lbs to the vest, I know I wouldn’t make it that long…nice work all you mothers out there!

The 29th marks the last day of our 45 Day Clean Eating Challenge!  We will start taking post measurements and weigh-ins starting on Wednesday (I will post the times I have available tomorrow)  Make sure that you finish all the requirements to be eligible for the winnings – points, weigh-ins/measurements, and pictures, we will also be retesting our predicted VO2 max this week!  I have seen some amazing results already, good job to all that participated.  On a side note there is an online Paleo Summit that you can register for to learn as much info as possible on Paleo, check out



A.  Power Clean x 1/Hang Squat Clean x 1- build to as heavy as possible; rest 1 min x 5


4 Rounds for time of:

15 Push Press- 115/75

50 Double Unders

15 OHS-115/75


ENDURANCE- will be a run/row workout today, meet in the CF area at 6am


Nice work to all that signed up for the Crossfit Games Open and completed 7 min of hell.  CFTC now has over 65 people strong participating in the open, bring on the next WOD!

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2 thoughts on “Mon 02/27/12 WOD

  1. Lindsay,

    Can you tell us again which days WOD/times that are not open for regular crossfit. Was it Thurs 6:15 class and Sat 9:30??? For all of March?

  2. Tina all days are open for crossfit but we will be dedicating the 9:30 on Saturday for the crossfit games open workout. You can still come and do the regular WOD if you want off to the side.

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