Mon 03/05/12 WOD

Life is tough when you have to do Crossfit in Barbados!



Need to add some names to our new board, lets see what you got on double unders & muscle-ups!

A.  AMRAP Double Unders- 2 attempts at max reps; rest 2 min

B.  AMRAP Muscle-ups- 1 attempt; rest 2 min

C.  Front Squat- build to a heavy triple in 5 sets.


AMRAP in 15 min

10 Jack Knifes (adv GHD Sit-ups)

20 Wall Ball- 20/15 (10’/9′)

30 Double Unders


Clean Eating Challenge- we are wrapping up all the final resultsof the challenge, please be sure to get your measurements, weigh-ins and pictures in ASAP.




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3 thoughts on “Mon 03/05/12 WOD

  1. Huge shout out to Lindsay for being tied at 19th in the world in 12.2. Awesome work, it was inspiring. Especially so considering your doctor would probably be freaking out with you doing that less than 4 months after surgery.

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