Mon 06/25/12 WOD

Happy Late Birthday to one of our first women at CFTC Candie.  Candie also runs a successful business called WOD Love Clothing if you haven’t seen all the cool women’s gear check it out here.



A.  Clean Grip Dead lift- 7 x 1, build to a heavy single; rest 60 sec b/t sets


For Time:



Toes to Bar

* We will now be adding a Cash Out at the end of some workouts, it will not be for time and is totally optional.  It will only be posted on the white board…enjoy!

Recommended Weight

Level I- 65/45

Level II- 95/65

Level III- 115/75



will be posted on the small white board, this is the last week of block work be patient.


ATTENTION- There will be no Saturday Classes this week, the Crossfit Area will be closed for a Power lifting Certification.  We are planning on still holding an outside WOD at 9:00am only, the location of the workout will be disclosed later this week.



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