Mon 07/09/12 WOD

We have had a few Birthday’s we need to celebrate!


Meresa (always runs hides when there is a camera)

Happy Late Birthday’s to all!



A.  15 min to establish a 1RM Clean & Push Jerk


4 Rounds for total working time:

7 Cleans- 85% of the above

14 Bar Facing Burpees

Run 200 m

*Rest 1 min b/t rounds

Cash Out

3 x 20 Powell Raises (shoulder prehab)

100 Banded Tricep Push downs- AFAP (as fast as possible)



will be posted on small white board


Today is the start of a new Session of the Kids Camp.  Kids camp will run every Monday, Wednesday, Friday ages 5-8yrs at 11:00am and ages 9+ at 11:35am.



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