Mon 07/23/12 WOD

Sorry not a very good pic but a great turn out for the LIBBI WOD.  Everyone please keep the Dixon family in your thoughts and prayers for Tuesday when Libbi goes in for surgery.

SCHEDULE- The OAC will be closed on Tuesday the 24th for Pioneer Day.




A.  Take 15 min and establish a new Push Jerk 1RM; rest as needed.


3 Rounds for Time/Reps of:

5 Clean (full squat) to Thruster

50 Double Unders

5 Clean (full squat) to Thruster

* Rest 1 min

1 min ME Burpees

*Rest 1 min, then begin the next round.

Cash Out

A1.  3 x 5 Pendlay Rows

A2.  3 x 8 Tate Press



End of the first 6 weeks of the Strength Cycle, hopefully it provided everyone with a new comfort level with the fast lifts.  The next phase will be a similar progression to the last phase.  The next phase will be percentage work on Mondays, block work on Tuesdays, power versions on Wednesday and maximal/full versions coming every Saturday (Fridays will have added squat work plus accessories).  The SWOD will continue to be posted on the small white board and the schedule will remain the same, Mon-Tues-Wed- Thurs (off)- Fri- Sat.








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