Mon 08/27/12 WOD



5 Rounds for time of:

12 Dead lifts-155/105

9 Hang Power Cleans-155/105

6 Push Jerk-155/105



(no rest as fast as possible)

A1.  3 x 10 DB Chainsaw Rows- heavy

A2.  3 x 15 Jackknifes


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3 thoughts on “Mon 08/27/12 WOD

  1. Thank you to Lindsey and all who helped coordinate the games. I had so much fun!! And I look forward to the next one. Crossfit the Club is such a wonderful group of people. I feel so fortunate. Crossfit has taught me to be stronger in mind and body. My self -image, self-confidence, and courage has risen to a whole new level. And the exciting part is there is more growth ahead. My strength and stamina have improved immensely and I love to be strong. Thanks to all who have encouraged me to push more and have celebrated with me when I succeed with new PR’s. I couldn’t imagination a better Crossfit team than CFTC!!

  2. Wow, Kelly that pretty much sums it up. This is one of the best CFTC games yet. Not only because I had an awesome team, (# 1) :-0, but because of everyone that was there, and participated in one way or another. I agree with Kelly C. CFTC is the best CrossFit box around.

  3. Yes thanks to ALL! As always, Lindsay delivered on his promise of glory, exhaustion, triumph, pain, and victory. CrossFit is great on so many levels. You are constantly challenging yourself every day. Trying to beat your old time… wreck a PR or two… Always bettering yourself. The Games adds an entirely new aspect on top of that. It becomes a “Team Effort”. Three athletes by your side the entire way cheering you on. Nobody gives up and no one person fails. Everyone gives everything, and because of that, there are no losers. Looking forward to the next Games!

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