Mon 09/24/12 WOD

Jim Before Crossfit

Jim Now!

Love to be a part of the amazing stories of people and the journey’s they have taken to discover a fitter more healthier lifestyle, no other program out there matches the results Crossfit plus a Clean Diet can!  Thanks for sharing these pictures with us Jim, keep up the strong work!


A.  Shoulder Press- 3 attempts to establish a new 1RM.

*Treat this like a competition only  three heavy attempts at a new personal record, this does not include the warm-up.


Crossfit Football

“Fight Gone Worse”

Complete 3 Rounds of 1 min at each station, rest 1 min b/t rounds.

KB/DB Thruster- 50/35

Power Snatch- 95/65

Box Jumps- 20″

Push Press-95/65

Cal Row


Check out the Crossfit Football Occupy Strength coming to Crossfit The Club October 27th- click here.  This event is a one day event for anyone wanting to put their strength to the test.  This is the first crossfit style event that has body weight classes for men and women.  Register before Oct 7th for early registration.


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5 thoughts on “Mon 09/24/12 WOD

  1. You really are impressive Jim! Every morning you show up, work hard, and get it done. I seriously admire that and your hard work has most definitely payed off.

  2. Thanks everyone so much for the kind words! You all provide so much inspiration for both Shelie and I. Everyone at CFTC works so hard every day, I think it’s almost impossible to come there and do otherwise! Thanks again!!

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