Mon 11/05/12 WOD

It’s Jana’s Birthday Today!  Had to go back to the 2010 photos but I found a picture, Jana loves it when we take photos of her working out.


-This is one continuous effort broken into 12 min cycles which begin with a 8o0 m run for time:

12 minutes to:

Run 800 m- For Time

*With the remainder of the  12 min establish a 3 RM Snatch

12 min to:

Run 1,000 m- For Time:

*With the remainder of the 12 min 3 attempts for total reps of UB Ring Dips.

12 min to:

Run 800 m- For Time

*With the remainder of the 12 min establish a 1RM Push Press (can use a rack)


Just one of the many awesome results we had in our most recent 30 day challenge.  EAT CLEAN, TRAIN MEAN, THIS IS THE RESULT!

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6 thoughts on “Mon 11/05/12 WOD

  1. Yayyyyyy!!!!! Happy birthday Jana!!! You didnt mention It’s her big 3-0!!! (I’m sure that is chases fault;)) love you Jana! Thanks for pushinge every single day!! See ya at 6am for your birthday wod!!

  2. Jana you’re awesome and I luv ya!! Happy 30th!! Hope Chase does something extra special for you…..(a few new items from Lululemon would be nice!!) hint hint 😉

  3. How come no one mentioned anything about the hot body that was shown!! GIve it up for some hard work and dedication to clean eating!!!! And, Happy Birthday Jana!

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