Mon 11/12/12 WOD

Great showing this weekend by all those that competed in the Fitness Elevated Competition.  Autumn- 2nd Place, Chase- 3rd Place, Sheena- 5th Place, Tony- 14th place, Dave 23rd Place and Scott C. 19th Place.



3 Rounds for Max Reps of:

1 min Squat Cleans-155/115

1 min 20′ Shuttle Run (forward & Backward)

1 min Dead lift- 245/185

1 min Burpees

1 min Push Jerk-155/115

1 min Rest

*Scale weight as needed.


We will be holding a class on Tuesday for those that are interested (spots will be limited) on natural ways to help your body recover faster and help control inflammation.  Please let Lindsay or Marie know if you will be attending ASAP.  You can find out more information here


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6 thoughts on “Mon 11/12/12 WOD

  1. Okay jerilyn we will put you down. Just to let everyone know we will be limiting the class to the first 12 people. Smaller classes will be easier to run, we will plan on having more classes in the future.

  2. These are the people that have said they are interested in the meeting and are going.

    Lacie Boney
    Matt Merrill
    Fran Gallegos
    Amber Goldsberry
    Dominic Dewitte
    Chris Perrins
    Monica Gil
    Jerilyn and Brook

    That is a total of 9 people which means we only have 3 spots left. Please let Lindsay or myself know if you want to go to the class.

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