Mon 12/03/12 WOD

I can’t take it any more. I am finally giving in. All I hear is” Crossfit is too hard”,” Crossfit will hurt you”, “Am I going to get big and bulky (women)?”,” I want to bulk up, but you do too much cardio (men)”, “It costs too much”, “Can I come once a week and then go to spin and bodypump the other days?”, “I want to lose weight but I can’t give up my grains, dairy and diet coke”…blah, blah,blah.  So I am changing my ways from this day forward, we are going to start to follow the Happy Couples Workouts.




For Time…but not too fast you might get hurt!

50 Crunchy Kisses

50 Leggings

50 Proposals

50 Gravity Grabs

50 Babe Press- if your partner is too big, scale load.

50 Love Handles

I am extremely excited to put the new programming to the test, bootcamp is going to be SOOO JEALOUS!



Now in all seriousness if you really want to do the above it’s okay, just don’t tell anyone, especially me.  As for the rest of us there will be some changes in the programming.  Starting this month we will be adding in to the daily programming a Crossfit Lite (LWOD), a Regular Crossfit (DWOD) and an Strength Bias (SWOD).  Both the lite (LWOD) and the regular (DWOD) will be alike in movement and targeting the same muscle groups, but these workout will allow people of all abilities the opportunity to train in a safe environment and target their weaknesses. The third addition is the Strength bias (SWOD).  These workouts follow a different cycle and are usually very skill based and fairly heavy.  The people typically choosing these workouts have aspirations of competing in crossfit and have been “training” for years or simply want to step up their game. Although some of these workout appear fun and challenging, these workouts will be extremely demanding on the joints, tendons and ligaments.  So before attempting these workouts, advise a coach to see whether or not the SWOD would be a good fit for you and your goals.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and thank you for your continued support as we grow a program and a community…2013 here we come!


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7 thoughts on “Mon 12/03/12 WOD

  1. Hey come on, it’s obviously working for Richard. Homeboy is HUGE!!!! But remember, it’s important to find the right angles as well as the correct resistance……..

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