New Photos From Regionals

All of the best photos from Day 1 of Regionals are up.  They are available in Club Pub, Photo Galleries, 2010 Regionals.  For quick access, you can Click Here.  We are working on the photos from day 2 and will have them up as soon as we return.  As far as day 2’s video…  It is just too good to put in a quick movie.  Everyone is going to have to wait to see it.  Don’t worry, we will be sure to have it up as quick as we can because I know you’re dieing to see it.

Posted on: May 17, 2010admin

5 thoughts on “New Photos From Regionals

  1. Dying to see the movie is a total understatement…haha Thanks for you work Brody and yours too James! 🙂

  2. I’ll have a bunch more pics from Day 2 up by late afternoon. The movie just couldn’t be posted quick… It is too phenomenal! It deserves some time and attention to create. Some of the most inspiring video I’ve EVER seen! I’ll keep you posted.

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