North West Regionals

Recently we had the honor of hosting the 2010 CrossFit Games UT/NV Sectionals.  The event went off brilliantly thanks to our wonderful volunteers and their fearless leader Sherrie Fazzio.  There was fierce competition that day and every competitor brought their all.  CFTC is proud to announce that several of our own will be advancing on to the North West Regionals in Puyallup to compete for their spot in the 2010 CrossFit Games.  A big congratulations goes out to Lindsay, Chase, Bitty, Chris, and Stacie.  We wish you all the luck in the world and there’s no doubt you will bring everything you’ve got and leave with no regrets.

Of course we can’t leave our CFTC family out on this monumental occasion.  With that said, here is the game plan:

*  CrossFit Journal and Progenix is presenting a live feed of the games which will be available as the events unfold.  It should also be available On Demand if you can’t watch during that time.  A link to this live feed/On Demand will be posted on our site when it becomes available.

*  CrossFit HQ will have a continuously updated score board which will also be linked on our site.  This will make it easy to track where our people are ranked.

*  James Read has decided to accompany our competitors and take photos of the action.  These photos will be posted throughout both days on the CrossFit The Club web site, inside the photo gallery.  You can access the gallery by hovering over “Club Pub”, then clicking “Photo Galleries”, then clicking “2010 Regionals”.

*  Finally, video footage of our amazing athletes will be uploaded to YouTube and available on our site at the end of each day.  You can access them by hovering over “Club Pub”, then clicking “CF the club TV”.  Once there, each athlete will have there own short movie for your enjoyment.

We will do our absolute best to keep you informed all along the way, of new posts, news and happenings.

This is such an amazing event and our athletes deserve all our support.  Check our site regularly for updates, enjoy the footage, and cheer them on as if you were right there!  Let’s see your words of encouragement!

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12 thoughts on “North West Regionals

  1. I for one can not wait to see you all tear it up!! Stay loose, stay focused and have the time of your lives!!

    Thanks to all who are making it possible for those of us left behind to get in on the action via video feeds and score board updates. OAC CrossFitters are amazing!!

    Now go ROCK IT!!

  2. Did you say live feed??? All my dreams have come true 🙂 I can sit on my couch and watch all day long. Can’t wait!

  3. Sherrie, Thanks sooooo much for the “goodie sack”! I must say, my kids loved it…before I even got a chance to look in it! You are always looking out for others! Again, thank you! See you all next week! I think I can speak for everyone participating this weekend, don’t judge when someone “s#@t’s” themselves on the “live” video broadcast…hehe!

  4. So proud of all you guys. You are all winners in my book! Have a great time, do your best and come back proud! Good Luck!

  5. Thanks for all the support and words of encouragement, I know we’ll all have a blast competing, and I hope next year to see an affiliate team from OAC heading to the regional event.
    I’d like to also say good luck to all our runners who will be participating in the Ogden half/full marathon tomorrow, I have no doubt crossfit has prepared your bodies to not only run hard, but to recover much easier.
    And finally, thank you so much Sherrie for the goodie bag, I’m sure my kids would have loved it, if I would have shared the toys, but they were just too much fun to play with at work, you know i threw that parachute guy off our 7th floor balcony, WAY cool. And I love my Popeye shirt, can’t wait to wear it to crossfit.

  6. Our CF family is the best! We will do our best to represent! Thanks for your support & of course to Sherrie. I love my shirt that says ‘100% Animal’! Wish us luck!

  7. For everyone going to the games and competing this weekend give it “HELL”. I will have to check out the highlits as I have to work

  8. I’m so excited to sit with my feet up tomorrow recovering from the race and be able to watch team CFTC kick some butt!

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