Regionals Video 1 Is Up

The first of 2 videos is up and running.  You can view it in Club Pub, CF The Club TV.

Posted on: May 15, 2010admin

13 thoughts on “Regionals Video 1 Is Up

  1. Love the video!!! Thanks soooo much Brody and James for doing this for us! We’ve all been so anxious back here in Utah waiting and hoping for news and updates. We love all you do! Thank you!!!!!!!

  2. Great Job! Wish I could be there to Cheer and yell for all of you! Will be waiting for more results! Tear it up Guys!

  3. The 5 mile run is over & our team of athletes represented well! Congrats to Chris Perrins for taking 1st place in the womens run! Our chipper is next, including numerous rope climbs, rowing, thrusters, & KB swings. One more WOD then the party starts!

  4. Chris- WOW You almost beat the fastest guy!!!! Doesnt surprise me though. Way to go all of you. Even Lindsey, I know you hate running but that is still a VERY impressive time. You all ROCK!

  5. you all are doing great, can;t wait to see the results for the whole competition….. Chris way to go on the run….

  6. Well everyone… The day is done and our crews performance was outstanding. You should all be very proud of them. I know i am… I have some incredible footage buuuuutttt… You are all going to have to wait. 🙂 we’re going out to celebrate! See ya when we return!

  7. Ahh! That’s just plain rude! Thanks for all the updates though. I guess we can forgive you. Have fun celebrating!!

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